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Giveaways and iCare

We offer many different giveaways throughout the year, and we are constantly coming up with new ways to reach the hearts and souls of others.


Bible Giveaway: RHSM acknowledges that God’s children often perish for a lack of knowledge. Therefore we provide personalized Bibles through our “Bible Giveaways” that are conducted monthly or as often as the lord leads. It’s our desire that God’s children prosper by knowing the truth for each and every person.

iCare Packages  

Our iCare packages are given away quite often on our Facebook page, to various people who like statuses, comments and inboxing. We offer a feature on our website so that if you know someone in need of an iCare package, you can submit a request. All of our iCare packages are shipped with love, and include a hand-written note from a team member. We offer iCare packages based on the recipient, occasion and themes in which we are presented. 

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